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12 frequency AV sex toys for women(PINK)

Products Information:
Couples flirts and female masturbation, effectively improve the quality of sexual life.
It is absolutely fairly usable foreplay tool, is also a woman the best play companion of "herself play"!
You can adjust high segment number increased vibrations frequency, 12kinds of frequency, meet all your needs .
Commodity have each one of  "aliens" for configuration pull bead type and G point type glans.
Even the men have the strong severe male dog waist, cannot do super high climax ,it’s a real good helper.

Specification of goods:
Product size: full-length 20cm, prototype and G point type long 5cm, pull bead 8cm, diameter is 3cm (manual measuring may have error)
Battery specification: section 4pieces no. 5 batterys (battery need to purchase)

Senior medical Non-toxic ultra soft silicone, all raw materials are conform to international health standard.

1 At the bottom of the battery box, open lid, pull out the battery box, As shown,put the battery into the battery box, tucked back.
2, Put the goods at your favorite sensitive areas, open the switch.
3, Switch to adjust the knob on the box, will vibrations frequency transferred to feel comfortable, 12 kinds frequencies are twelve lamp bits display.
4, After use, power off.

1, this appliance, control by electricity, need avoid water ,ink, pollutants, pollutant  and high temperature, fire.
2, Suggestions for purchasing another 75% of medical alcohol clean disinfection before use and after use, take out the battery if don’t use,And put it in the original place to collection, incase next time use.

This product according to the principle of bionics medicine selection of massage, vibration multi-function excitant sensitive areas.
Adjust incretion, high tide of sex such as lack of or libido stimulated to get moderate recuperation, then achieved the purpose of absorbing sex fun.
Used for female masturbation, Improve the female sex apathy, Couples living in separation, The sexual appetite mightiness lady and single woman

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